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Vending industrial Lleida Giner

Giner's industrial vending machines offer a permanent availability of EPIS as gloves, tools (industrial hardware) and maintenance products such as batteries and insulating tape so you can dispose of them at the right time.

We use vending machines capable of storing products necessary for daily work, providing significant savings in consumption and improvements in productivity.

What are the advantages of hiring a Giner industrial vending machine:

Reduce your expenses, up to 40%: By reducing the consumption of products and controlling the use of EPI's, tools and maintenance products, our users reduce their expenses between 25% and 40%

Reduce your inventory cost. You only invest in the items you use, thus avoiding having to pay for inventory expenses.

Improve your productivity. The products are available in the place and at the time you need them, with which your staff can make a productive use of time, instead of visiting the warehouse to replenish stocks.

If you want to find a vending machine for tools, personal protective equipment etc. for your company, contact us by email or by phone 944577481 and we give you the optimal solution.

What is the added value of contracting your industrial vending machines with Giner

• We invest in machines, software and initial stock

• We configure, install and maintain the equipment

• We monitor the stock levels and automatically take care of the replacement

• Our EPIS vending machines, tools and maintenance products are in continuous development.

• You only need a power outlet and an Internet connection - which makes it easy to "turn on and save".

We provide the best vending machine solutions for the industry. Our machines can also be known as special vending machines or virtual warehouses for their ability to respond to the daily needs of a company immediately. The system of our machines guarantees an optimal consumption control by means of a digitized system that allows an updated control of consumables.

Giner's industrial vending machines simplify the supply and control of your individual protection equipment and the following tools:

1- Cutting and abrasive tools:
From drilling with diamond tips and sheet abrasives, to grinding and high-quality finishing, our machines have everything necessary for immediate delivery.

2- Personal protective equipment such as glasses and gloves:
From gloves to plugs, masks and first aid kits, our vending machines are responsible for protecting you from head to toe with products of the highest quality.

3- Hand tools:
The wide range of products you can find in our industrial vending terminals have been selected among the products of the world's leading brands to provide exceptional value and performance. This selection includes security and isolated tools for work in hazardous environments.

4- Cleaning and maintenance products:
Giner's vending machines contain products such as batteries, cutters, drill bits and flexometers. We put at your disposal, a range of products, exclusively, careful with the environment

5- Lubricants and greases:
From the filling of reducers and hydraulic systems to the lubrication of bearings and chains, our vending machines solve all the operations that will make your production plant run smoothly. We have a specific range of safe products for the food sector.

6- Adhesives:
From everyday products, such as insulating tape or thread locks, to complex coatings and wear compounds that extend the life of expensive equipment, our vending machines offer one of the largest ranges of industrial adhesives, sealants and repair compounds.

7- health and safety teams:

8- plant safety and maintenance products

Request information without commitment at or by phone, at number 944577481 (normal fixed line, without associated costs).


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